Joan Peace



Joan joined NGU nine years ago, after John Evans called her and asked her if she wanted her old desk back, since she had previously worked in the same building where NGU is located. As the front door and the front lines for NGU, she serves as the company’s chief ambassador, administrator and concierge. She is well known for her hard work and friendliness to others and she’s always at her best when she’s making sure that she gets our customers to the right people who can help them through whatever situation they need help with. The consummate team player, she does whatever needs to be done to make NGU a success. And she's had time to refine her skills, as she's been doing this for over 38 years

“I can truly say that I love my job and have learned so much while I’ve been here. It is a privilege to work here. I hope I can share a smile and be the same each day,” says Joan.

Either in the office or away, Joan is passionate about her relationship with God. When not working, she loves spending time with her family and friends and working at her church. Originally from southeastern Kentucky, she moved to Tennessee with her husband where they have lived for 36 of their 47 married years. Though she’s never really won any formal awards, she is always known as one of the NGU’s most valued employees.

Joan Peace
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