Kyle Greenup



Kyle started out at NGU back in 2000 working the phones while he was attending college and studying for IT certifications. He kept improving his knowledge and skills and eventually became the go-to tech geek for the company, which he has been doing now since 2003. Though he doesn’t interface with our customers, he considers the employees of NGU, SEC, and TNRMT his clientele, a mindset that has served him well in his role.

“I strive to make their job easier and more efficient while providing an up-to-date, secure, available, and stable IT infrastructure,” says Kyle. “I do my best to be proactive with maintenance to minimize downtime so they can work and serve our clients without interruption from any technical problem.”

Of course, when you’re the IT guy, you have to use your skills outside of the company and he often finds himself taking care of his extended family’s computer and technology needs as well. He loves learning new technologies and is constantly adding to his geek power. And while he can’t stand reality TV, he enjoys watching documentaries on the planet, universe, survival, and wildlife.

Kyle is always talking about his sons, Ethan, Eli, and his newest addition Kingston.  Kyle absolutely loves spending time with them. Together, they enjoy basketball, soccer, video games, Judo, and Wado-Ryu Karate. Kyle loves showing his sons the world around them. Kyle’s hidden talents include his alleged exceptional cooking abilities. His family swears by his carrot cake, which they say is awesome. He also does a mean Cajun turkey for Thanksgiving that the holiday is lackluster without, so he has made two every year for nearly the last decade. And during the summer, Kyle is master of the grill, firing up some tasty burgers, steaks, and brats that are apparently all the rave by those who have had the pleasure. (Or at least that’s what he tells us.)

Kyle Greenup
VP, Information Technology
p: 615.822.5454
f: 615.824.1980