Ruby Keith



Ruby joined NGU in early 2012 when she was referred to the company by a retiring NGU employee who was helping find her replacement. When Ruby interviewed for the job, it felt like a perfect fit for her, having worked in the insurance business for 25 years serving very similar clients. NGU agreed that Ruby was the perfect addition to the company and she was promptly hired. She obtained her insurance agent’s license in 2005.

Ruby prides herself on her ability to work with people, making sure she tends to their needs and effectively resolves issues they have encountered with compassion and professionalism. It’s not just customers who appreciate Ruby’s style, it’s her teammates as well. Her reputation for being trusted by colleagues is something she is proud of and works hard to achieve. She is the consummate team player, always supporting others and staying in constant communication to ensure that issues are resolved quickly and appropriately.

”My clients will compliment me on the way I handle their needs in a timely, courteous manner,” says Ruby. “If I do not have the answer, I won’t stop until I find the answer for them. What drives me and so many of us is the fact that when we’re not working we’re customers too. We know what it’s like to not be respected as a customer, so it motivates me to make sure my customers feel valued, understood and cared for.”

When she’s not busy making clients happy, Ruby likes to give of her time by helping to fundraise for the Ronald McDonald House and participating in walks for various other charities such as the American Cancer Society, Autism Speaks, and St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Ruby grew up in Old Hickory, Tennessee, a suburb east of Nashville. Most of her family is in the Nashville area so she considers it home and plans to always be here. With such a large family, as one of 7 children, she often finds herself going to plays, concerts and other functions with her grandchildren and many nieces and nephews. She also enjoys vacationing with them during the summers. (This explains why she’s such a people person.)

Ruby hopes to be remembered as someone people can count on if they need a friend or encouragement, someone who can cheer others up when they are down.  Professionally, she wants to be thought of as someone who always works hard and keeps a positive attitude about any project that she takes on. NGU is lucky to have her.

Ruby Keith
Customer Service Representative
p: 615.822.5454
f: 615.824.1980